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A collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise


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Company profile

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Liaoning shunda machinery manufacturing co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the liaoning shunda), is a collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise.
Company was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 90 million yuan, covers an area of 128000 square meters, production workshop and main supporting facilities construction area of 35000 square meters, the total fixed assets reached 313 million yuan; Company existing staff 518 people, the researcher level 3 senior engineers, 15 senior engineers, professional and managerial staff 45 people, senior technicians more than 60 people.
Companies have made quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification certificate; Weapons and equipment quality management system certification certificate; A1, A2 pressure vessels design, manufacture qualification; ASME system certificate; Steel fishing boat manufacturing qualification; Military products manufacturing qualification; At the same time made many company independent intellectual property rights.
Company established base of "industry-university-institute" cooperation with liaoning university of technology; Wuhan university of technology set up graduate student in liaoning shunda workstation. And the university of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese academy of science institute of metal, liaoning engineering technology university has established the long-term cooperation relationship.
With strong infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities, the company owns large blanking, cold working, compound, machining, such as overloading workshop, equipped with 320 tons of lifting capacity maohan workshop and 200 tons of lifting capacity of machining workshop. The main equipment are: high precision CNC gantry plasma cutting machine; TK6920, TK6916, TK6913, TK6911 CNC floor-type boring and milling machine; CK5280 double column vertical CNC lathe; CK61220 heavy duty nc horizontal lathe; Large CNC gantry milling machine; A large digital display gantry milling machine; Big CNC roller universal machine; 1200 tons of C type hydraulic press; 150 tons of hydraulic lift truck and large independent flaw detection, etc. Company and adjacent to the bohai sea ship heavy industry co., LTD and bohai shipyard group co., LTD., formed a strategic partnership, achieve access resources sharing, the key equipment are as follows: 380 tons of hydraulic lift truck, 12.5 m * 6.6 m bell type annealing furnace, TK6925 landing boring, 16 m vertical lathe, 5000 tons 2500 tons of hydraulic press, hydraulic press, and equipped with 1200 tons, 600 tons, 480 tons of heavy crane bulk loading and unloading of deep water wharf, etc.




  The company product involves multiple focus areas, have been sold to domestic and exported to Asia, Europe, Africa, the americas and other dozens of countries and regions. The main products are:

A, war industry products
Liaoning shunda earnestly implement internship civil-military integration development strategy put forward by the general secretary, carry forward the people love the army and MinYongJun glorious tradition, and the bohai sea boat group cooperation, has completed a number of stakeholders production tasks of the products, at the same time with costind's research institute signed qualified supplier agreement, several ships have successful countries a number of military research into technological achievements.
Second, the pressure vessel
Liaoning shunda with partners sinopec finished Iran o north project desulfurization tower, the production of oil and gas storage tank, pressure pipe, etc. In October 2018, liaoning shunda in just 30 days to make the three-phase separator for petrochina co., LTD successfully completed, and directly sent to foreign base of turkmenistan, petrochina co. LTD. The product all the way for the national area development strategy key engineering projects, timely solve the problems of the domestic gas imports nervous; According to industry insiders, the northeast three provinces have the production capacity and production qualification of the company only three, liaoning shunda is one of them! Company in 2019 for the Chinese group new energy company production region banner heat conduction oil type 100 mw thermal power projects in storage heat island expansion slot, overflow tank complete sets of equipment, a total of 9 units, is now all deliveries.
Three, ship design and manufacture
Liaoning shunda have all kinds of steel production capacity of the fishing boats. Company is equipped with the most professional team, scope of business: an inquest ship design, ship stability, the hull lines of surveying and mapping, the economic and technical argumentation, various ship test, etc. In September 2018, liaoning shunda file for photosynthetic crab industry co., LTD. Production of 40 meters pontoon ahead and smooth water delivery schedule. That November liaoning shunda people in just 21 days to complete the Singapore shipowners 15 # 210000 tons of ship shaft production of rudder system production, such a short time, is unprecedented in the industry!