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Several problems should be paid attention to when ship repair

Several problems should be paid attention to when ship repair

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2019/10/29 15:48
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Reasonable arrangement of repair, control, repair project is extremely important. In the past, some shipping companies in the ship maintenance issues, it is a lot of maintenance work is accumulated, into the factory for the ship after the repair. This not only extended the repair time, but also increase the repair cost. Now many shipowners way is to try to put into the factory need to repair the project control in the smaller range. When to perform certain repair project, is not simply to ship repair in shipyard, but first consider if it is possible to use a variety of more flexible and economical way, such as a temporary increase in the crew despatch to repair; In the port temporary repair hire workers; A specialist aboard guidance and so on. To do so while also want to add some repairs, but is still a big savings compared to the factory repair, especially adopting these measures do not shorten the operating time of the ship.