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A collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise


During the outbreak of global customer service, Shunda machinery to do so!

During the outbreak of global customer service, Shunda machinery to do so!

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2021/05/19 16:16
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At the end of 2019, a battle without gunpowder will suddenly come. With the spread of COVID-19, various anti epidemic measures have been adopted by various countries, and invisible barriers have been separated between countries. Affected by the epidemic, the flow of people is limited, so how to go overseas has become a difficult problem. Although the installation and commissioning team of Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. overcame the difficulties overseas to carry out the installation and commissioning of some projects, it could not meet the installation needs of most customers under the epidemic situation. In order to ensure that the customer's project is put into production on schedule, Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. has found a new way to ensure the installation work by using installation instructions, 3D models and other means.

In 2020, the desorption electrolysis system installation of a gold ore dressing project undertaken by Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. is imminent. As an important part of the desorbing electrolysis system, the desorbing electrolysis system is more comprehensive, the equipment composition is complex, and the technical requirements for installation and debugging are high. In the case of unable to carry out on-site installation, the project progress is at a deadlock.

In the face of this difficult situation, Xinhai Mining Design Institute and Mechanical Design Institute have held technical discussions for many times. After repeated deliberation, Xinhai mining design institute decided to creatively apply 3D model in installation guidance, clearly mark the name and installation order of each part of desorbing electrolysis system module design, and remotely guide customers to install with text instructions, Meet the needs of field equipment installation, help the project successfully complete the installation work.