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A collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise


Wuhan Marine and Shunda Machinery Manufacturing Co Construction and exchange
Majuyong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the company, chenglibin, deputy general manager and the head of relevant departments, welcome the company's general manager Xu Li, Secretary zhengrongjun and duhaigen, and visit the main production site, National Engineering Laboratory of marine engineering mechanical and electrical equipment, and key product test site of the company, and understand the production management and intelligent manufacturing of the company.

In the subsequent exchange and discussion, both sides conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the joint construction. When introducing the company's series of activities to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the party building, comrade mazuyong proposed to jointly carry out activities such as party history learning education, red education visit and learning, and singing red songs with CCS Wuhan Branch, so as to achieve the following objectives: learning history, learning history, increasing credit, learning history, advocating morality and learning history, and carrying out deepening integration and co construction in combination with business work, It will make the study history practice achieve better practical results, promote the mutual learning progress and meet the future needs.

On the one hand, general manager Xu Li has felt the development achievements of Wuhan shipbuilding and Machinery Co., Ltd. on the one hand, and integrated the party history learning education with the promotion of key projects to carry out patriotic education, which is inspiring and more understanding of the future development of the enterprise. Through the study and education of the party history, we should strengthen the consciousness of work, and finally seek for better development of enterprises, and have a sense of achievement for the country, enterprises, individuals and families. On the other hand, CCS will fully support the development of the enterprise, and fully agree with the co construction concept and plan proposed by the company. The core of classification society is technology, and the core of technology is talents. The platform for talent training is needed. The following two parties can strengthen cooperation and joint progress in the common declaration of civil projects, preliminary research and exchange of R & D projects, construction of new standards and systems.

Secretary Zheng Rongjun talked about the intuitive feeling after visiting the company, which was proud and baptized by education. He felt the perfection and perfection of the national industrial system, and further deepened the understanding of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and the great changes that China has not seen in the past century. The development and growth of Wuhan Marine aircraft for many years, as well as the accumulation of technology, knowledge and culture, also reflects the strength of the country. At the same time, I wish Wuhan Marine aircraft to continue to carry forward the spirit of perseverance, improve the ability of learning, innovation and R & D, seize the opportunity and move from home to abroad.
2021 air separation equipment technology and equipment safety technology in metallurgical industry
Industrial gas is referred to as the "blood" of industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, industrial gas plays an increasingly important role in the economy. As the main user of air separation equipment, with the transformation and upgrading of iron and steel industry, environmental protection relocation and intelligent manufacturing work continuously promoted, the demand for oxygen, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, helium and other gases is increasing. The demand of air separation equipment in the industry is in the stage of rapid growth, at the same time, it also puts forward new requirements for the industry in safety, environmental protection and other aspects. In order to summarize the successful cases of technology, safety, environmental protection, metrology and other aspects in the field of air separation in metallurgical industry, and share experience, metallurgical measurement and control information network and metallurgical branch of China Metrology association decided to jointly hold "2021 Symposium on air separation equipment technology and equipment safety technology in metallurgical industry" in Shanghai from September 26 to 28, 2021.
Shunda mechanical credit strives to be a model of "created in China"
Shunda Machinery's first intelligent bridge integrated navigation system has been successfully applied on a real ship

"The smart Bridge integrated navigation system developed by Hisense has been successfully applied in two 64000 ton ocean going merchant ships built by Yangzijiang shipbuilding group recently. This is of great significance to break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the market of integrated communication and navigation system for ships. "

Marine integrated navigation system has high technology content and complex system integration. Its market has been monopolized by foreign companies for a long time, and there are few successful cases of domestic related equipment loading. However, the intelligent bridge integrated navigation system developed by Beijing hailanxin Data Technology Co., Ltd. has been successfully applied in two 64000 ton ocean going merchant ships built by Yangzijiang shipbuilding group recently. It is understood that the two ships started operation in March 2014 and set sail in January 2015. The owner gave the evaluation of "stable performance, convenient operation, complete functions and trustworthy" to the products of hailanxin. This has greatly boosted the confidence of Hisense in the international shipping market and is of great significance to breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises in the shipping integrated communication and navigation system market.

Create excellent navigation intelligent products and break foreign monopoly

As a well-known shipbuilding enterprise in China, Yangzijiang shipbuilding actively recommends to shipowners the use of Hisense intelligent integrated navigation system in the 64000 ton ocean going merchant ship project, supports national supporting industries, and promotes domestic supporting products to go to the ocean and the world“ The bold use of the integrated navigation system developed by Hisense this time is not only based on the confidence in its products, but also based on the sense of responsibility of promoting domestic supporting products to go abroad. Hisense is also very "competitive", and its integrated navigation system has been applied to two ships with very good results. " Ren Yuanlin, chairman of Yangzijiang shipbuilding group, said, "Hisense is an innovator and pioneer in communication and navigation. We are willing to use Hisense's equipment on export ships or domestic ships. We believe that there will be more cooperation in the future."
During the outbreak of global customer service, Shunda machinery to do so!
At the end of 2019, a battle without gunpowder will suddenly come. With the spread of COVID-19, various anti epidemic measures have been adopted by various countries, and invisible barriers have been separated between countries. Affected by the epidemic, the flow of people is limited, so how to go overseas has become a difficult problem. Although the installation and commissioning team of Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. overcame the difficulties overseas to carry out the installation and commissioning of some projects, it could not meet the installation needs of most customers under the epidemic situation. In order to ensure that the customer's project is put into production on schedule, Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. has found a new way to ensure the installation work by using installation instructions, 3D models and other means.

In 2020, the desorption electrolysis system installation of a gold ore dressing project undertaken by Xinhai mining equipment Co., Ltd. is imminent. As an important part of the desorbing electrolysis system, the desorbing electrolysis system is more comprehensive, the equipment composition is complex, and the technical requirements for installation and debugging are high. In the case of unable to carry out on-site installation, the project progress is at a deadlock.

In the face of this difficult situation, Xinhai Mining Design Institute and Mechanical Design Institute have held technical discussions for many times. After repeated deliberation, Xinhai mining design institute decided to creatively apply 3D model in installation guidance, clearly mark the name and installation order of each part of desorbing electrolysis system module design, and remotely guide customers to install with text instructions, Meet the needs of field equipment installation, help the project successfully complete the installation work.
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