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A collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise


In pressure vessel

In pressure vessel

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2019/09/23 17:23
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Liaoning shunda with partners sinopec finished Iran o north project desulfurization tower, the production of oil and gas storage tank, pressure pipe, etc. In October 2018, liaoning shunda in just 30 days to make the three-phase separator for petrochina co., LTD successfully completed, and directly sent to foreign base of turkmenistan, petrochina co. LTD. The product key engineering projects of area development strategy all the way to the nation, in a timely manner to solve the problems of the domestic gas imports nervous; According to industry insiders, the northeast three provinces have the production capacity and production qualification of the company only three, liaoning shunda is one of them! Company in 2019 for the Chinese group new energy company production region banner heat conduction oil type 100 mw thermal power projects in storage heat island expansion slot, overflow tank complete sets of equipment, a total of 9 units, is now all deliveries.