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A collection of military products, the customs security equipment, pressure vessel, metallurgy, mining machinery, water and electricity equipment, ships and other large steel structure manufacturing processing and design research and development for the integration of large-scale private entity enterprise


A good team of the world's security equipment market

A good team of the world's security equipment market

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2019/09/23 17:25
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Short for security equipment for safety inspection equipment, mainly contain my torso, hand-held metal detector, security X-ray machine, dangerous liquid detector, car video inspection mirror, shoes inside the metal detector, etc. Security equipment is mainly used in public security anti-terrorist, airports, customs, important government departments, court, procuratorate, prison, bank, port terminals, railway stations, museums, stadium, exhibition center, entertainment venues, the test performance need security places, is to prevent and stop the explosion, shooting, shooting and other important technical means of endangering public security events. The purpose of using security equipment is carried out on the luggage and personal security checks, ensure the safety of vehicles, aircraft and other transportation equipment running and passenger's life and property safety.